If your water heater is leaking, you've got a major issue on your hands. Sure, you won't be able to enjoy your long, hot showers, but the likelihood of substantial water damage to your home is also elevated. Ensure you know what to do if you're faced with this scenario.  

Shut Down the Power Supply

Water and electricity do not mix and can lead to serious injuries. Since you will need to access the area near the water heater, an important part of protecting your safety is turning off the power supply. If you can access your main breaker, locate the fuse for the water heater and turn it to the off position.

Wait a few moments and then head over to the water heater. If the water heater is located near the main breaker, you may need to wait for a professional to stay on the safe side.

Verify the Leak

It's not uncommon for a homeowner to believe that the water is coming from their water heater only to discover that it is coming from another nearby connection. In many homes, the water softener line, furnace drain and other connections are all located in the same area.

Now that the power has been turned off, get close to the water heater and look around to see if you can verify that the water is in fact coming from the water heater. If it's not, notate the exact location.

Turn Off the Main Water Supply

Once you've verified the source of the leak, you now want to turn off the water supply. It is important that you do not perform this step before you verify the leak because if the water is not freely flowing, it might be more challenging to discover the source of the leak.

The location of the main water valve varies from home to home, so you will need to do some investigating to locate it in your home.

Contact a Professional

As previously stated, water can do substantial damage to a home so whenever you have leaking water, you want to take immediate action. Once you've turned off the water supply, it's a good idea to contact a plumber for emergency service. A plumber can locate the exact location of the leak and help eliminate it.

If you suspect your water heater is leaking, make sure you are taking immediate steps to protect your home. For more information, contact a business such as Marv's Plumbing.