If you are ready to buy a new home for your family, design-build custom homes can give you exactly what you want and need. This process will start with finding the land where you want to build your new home and then go through the process of the design and construction of your new home to the final signing when closing the contract. The following step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of building a new home for your family.

Finding The Right Property To Start A Design Build Home Project For Your Family

The first step in the process of building a design-build home is finding the right property. When you are looking for the right property for your home, you will want to consider the space that the footprint of your new home will occupy. If the home is a ranch-style home or if it has a larger footprint, you will want more land to build on. This may mean that you want to build on two lots in a new development or to find a larger plot of land for space your home needs.

Beginning The Process Of Designing And Getting Architectural Drawings For Your Family's New Home

Once you have found the property where you are going to build your new custom home, you will be ready to begin more detailed planning. The land will be surveyed, and then the home will be drawn by the architect. This is the time when you will want to start working closely with your builder to get a design that has everything your family needs and the features you want for your new custom home.

Breaking Ground On The New Design Build Home Project And Foundation Construction To Begin Building

Once the architectural drawings for your new home have been completed, you are going to be ready to break ground on the foundation. The excavation work will be done where you want the new home to be located on your property. When the excavation work has been completed, the construction will begin with the foundation. If there is a concrete slab or basement, the work on mechanical installations will begin with plumbing that needs to be installed with the concrete.

Starting The Construction Process And Finishing The Interior Of Your New Custom Home

After the foundation of your home has been completed, the structural framing will start, which is where you will be able to really see your new design-build home coming together. The framing will be where you will want to look at features and make changes before the work on the interior begins. When things are installed and work begins on the interior finishes, you will want to work with the builder to avoid excessive changes and extras that can quickly add up.

Completing The Landscaping And Hardscaping And Then Signing The Closing Contract When Everything Is Complete

The last step in the process of the design-build home construction is finishing your landscaping and the hardscaping features. The hardscaping includes outdoor structures, your driveway, and anything that is not planted in landscaping design. After the exterior design has been completed, you will be ready to sign the closing contract, and then your family will be ready to move in.

These are the steps that you are going to go through when buying a design-build custom home for your family. If you are ready to start building your home, contact a custom home builder to begin the process of finding property and designing your new home.