Anytime you have a situation that causes damage to the chain-link fence around your property, getting some help from a fence repair service is the best option. The type of damage and the amount of repair required may leave you needing temporary fence panels in areas of the fence until proper repairs are complete.

Pole Damage

The most common chain-link fence repair comes from damage to the poles that support the fence. The fence fabric can stretch and move a little, but the poles are often made from steel, and if the pole is bent, straightening it can be challenging.

Often the pole will need to be removed, and a replacement pole will be installed to support the fencing material. If the pole is installed in concrete, getting the old one out and replacing it can take some work. Still, if the post is not replaced correctly, the fencing material can sag, making it look terrible and ineffective as a boundary for the property.

Fence Repair

Significant damage to your chain-link fence from an impact can stretch the fencing material. Hiring fence repair services to replace the material is the best option if the fencing is stretched badly. Some times the chain-link fence repair crew can pull the fence from the end and tighten it back up then cut off the excess material, but if the links in the fabric are stretched too far, the fence will lose its strength. 

In cases where the links are damaged, it is more practical to replace the fence material with new chain-link fencing, unless the fence is divided into sections and the panels can be replaced individually. A fence with many gates often has short runs of fencing material from one gate to the next and then breaks for the entrance.

Temporary Fence Panels

If your chain-link fence is going to take some time to repair, but you must have a fence up to secure the property, your the chain-link fence repair company may be able to set up temporary fence panels that are free-standing and connect to each other and can be chained to the existing fence. The panels cover the damage until the fence repair service can replace any required poles and fencing.

The temporary fence panels are not as secure as the original fence, but they do make the point that entry is not permitted and give you a clear boundary on the property.

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