A prominent overhang, an open flooring concept, and plenty of storage options may be some of the features that you want your mini-cabin to possess. If a contractor will be aiding you with the building of your new residence, select materials that will bring your idea of simple living to life.

Pre-Treated Lumber

A log home material supplier sells wood materials or kits that each contain a blueprint for a finished home. With a kit, modifications can be made, which will customize a structure. This will let you choose a frame or basic details that you prefer, plus add your own personal touches to the living space.

Pre-treated lumber is the main material that you will need for your cabin. You can go with a traditional style, which features logs that are secured on top of one another, or choose some flat fabricated boards that are used for the framework or intertwined with log pieces.

Any type of pre-treated wood product is better than untreated varieties. Pre-treated wood can help prevent pest infestations or the rotting of materials and can save on labor costs in the event that you choose to have your construction crew apply a sealant to the outer logs or boards that make up your home's exterior.

The Rooftop, An Elevated Porch, And One Main Room

The rooftop can contain shingles, tiles, or metal pieces that can provide a complementary color and texture to the rest of the home. If you choose a prominent overhang that extends past the porch and the front of your home, spending time outdoors on rainy days will be possible.

An elevated porch that sits on top of a concrete foundation will aid with keeping snow from accumulating near the entryway to your residence. Choose a wraparound porch style that contains wooden poles and a railing. Additionally, consider buying some rustic furnishings that can be set outdoors in order to remain consistent with the wood construction style.

For reduced costs, seek a log home material supplier who sells reclaimed wood pieces and logs. Reclaimed wood is brought back to life through pressurized cleaning and sanding. Your new home can look just as nice as one that is constructed with materials that were never used before.

One main room can be split into separate living areas by adding curtains or moveable panels. For plenty of storage, have some deep cabinets and closets added to your home's interior. Contact a log home material supplier for more information.