Replacing asphalt shingles is something that you need to invest in eventually. Sometimes, the replacement may be needed before you expect it, and you need to know what needs to be done when replacing the shingles on your home. When will you replace your roof, and what will need to be done when you decide your home needs new shingles?

Roof inspections and deciding when to replace shingles

You want to know is when to replace the roof of your home. There are factors that can contribute to the wear of roofing and damage. Some of the signs of wear and damage that may mean you need to have the shingles replaced include the following:

  • Wear on the surface of shingles
  • Severe damage and missing roofing
  • Deformed shingles due to weathering
  • Extensive leaks that can't all be repaired

The signs of roof wear could mean that it is time to replace your asphalt shingles.

Removing shingles and repairs

The shingles should be removed before you replace your roof. You can often install roofing over existing shingles, but this can cause problems and is usually not recommended by professional roofers. This is because removing the old shingles reduces loads and exposes the surface of the roof decking. But why do you want the roof decking to be exposed? When the roof decking is exposed, you will be able to inspect the structure for damage and have the repairs done. Repairing the damage to decking or the roof structure will ensure the new materials do not have problems.

Choosing materials for your climate

You have a lot of options for materials that are right for your climate. There are different solutions to the needs of your home. Consider some of the following options for the materials you install on your roof:

  • Architectural shingles that are rated to withstand high winds
  • Ice barriers and rubber flashing to reduce wear in vulnerable areas
  • Modern alternatives for asphalt shingles with synthetic tile or metal roofing

If your climate causes wear and damage, then you should talk to your roofer about the best solutions for your home.

Tips to help you after roof replacement is completed

Good practices after the new roofing materials have been installed on your home are important. You want to take care of the new materials. The following care after a replacement will ensure your roof lasts:

  • Frequent Inspections when the roof is new
  • Regular cleaning to reduce wear and spot problems
  • Repairing minor issues with leaks and damage before they get worse

First, take the time to inspect the roof occasionally when it is new to ensure any installation problems are addressed. If there is a problem when you do the first inspection, call your roofer to have the issue fixed.

These are some of the decisions that you will have to make when the time comes to replace your shingles. Call a roofing replacement service and talk to them about the roofing needs for your home.