Owning commercial property is a big responsibility. You have to maintain the building and grounds so the property is appealing to the professionals who rent space in your building and to their clients. Maintaining the parking lot is one duty you don't want to overlook. Here's why proper parking lot maintenance is important and some types of maintenance to consider having done.

Reasons To Keep Up With Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps the parking lot safe by preventing potholes, big cracks, and other trip hazards. Plus, the lot has a more attractive appearance when it's taken care of, which can improve the curb appeal of your property.

Maintenance is also important for the longevity of the asphalt. Neglect allows cracks and potholes to form. The asphalt will gradually wear down due to exposure to UV rays and rain. Once cracks and holes form, rain can get under the asphalt and any damage will escalate. This damage could be expensive to repair or lead to the need for replacing the parking lot.

Routine Maintenance Your Lot May Need

An important part of commercial parking lot maintenance is to keep the lot clean. You'll need someone to clean litter from the area on a frequent basis, and you'll need a contractor to sweep the lot with a sweeping machine periodically. Sweeping gets rid of surface dirt and grit so the lot looks better. However, sweeping also protects the space since cars can grind abrasive grit, sand, and small gravel against the asphalt and cause damage over time.

You might also want the lot pressure washed, at least in areas where cars park and stains are likely to develop. Removing oil stains also helps prolong the life of the asphalt. In addition, you'll want to keep the landscaping controlled around the parking lot. Trees add beauty, but their roots can damage the asphalt and their leaves can cause stains or create slippery driving and walking conditions.

Repairs And Sealing Protect The Lot From Damage

Another important aspect of commercial parking lot maintenance is keeping up with repairs. Talk to a paving contractor about the right frequency to have your parking lot checked for damage so repairs can be done early. You might want small cracks filled on an annual basis so they don't develop into big cracks and holes.

Maintaining the color of the parking lot is also important for visual appeal. Your lot might need a new sealcoat applied occasionally. A sealcoat turns the parking lot dark black. Once the sealcoat is applied, new stripes are added, and your parking lot has an improved appearance. Plus, pedestrians will be safer walking in a parking lot with stripes marking walkways, and drivers will see where to park their cars so the space in your lot is used properly.

The sealcoat also protects the asphalt from damage, but if your parking lot develops sunken areas, holds puddles of water after it rains, or starts to crumble along the edges, the contractor may need to make more extensive repairs so you can put off installing a new lot for as long as possible. Contact a commercial parking maintenance service for more information.