An easy and fast way to update your bathroom is to get rid of the old plastic shower shell or shower and tub combo and create a tile enclosure. To do this, you will want to find a masonry contractor in your area. They can use tile or stone to get this done quickly and to update and improve the space. Here are things to get quotes for to move forward with this project.

Tile Shower Walls 

After you have removed the old shower shell, you will have to treat any drywall damages or mold/mildew concerns. The walls will then be ready to be prepped for the tile. The masonry contractors will decide what type of cementitious backboard to use and then start with the tile.

The tile will be used for the floor and the walls and tile is a great material for the shower because it's resistant to water, easy to clean, long-lasting, and timeless.

There are many different types of tiles you can choose from, and this is a material that will last for decades and not go out of style. The masonry professionals will be able to seal the tile after and ensure that the water won't run anywhere outside of the shower area when the water is turned on.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

A frameless glass shower enclosure will look modern and help keep the space open. Talk with the enclosure installation team and find out what type of glass will look best in the space. If privacy isn't a concern, then just a clear thick glass may be best.

Tile or Brick Floors

If the floors are another area of concern, talk with the masonry professional about doing tile or faux brick floors in the bathroom. There are faux brick tiles that are a high-quality option and robust for damp and moist areas in the home. Updating the floor will increase the value of the bathroom.

Smaller grout lines can be easier to clean and less noticeable when they get dirty over time. You also may not want a super light grout in between your tiles or bricks if you are worried about appearance.

Improving a bathroom in the home is a great investment because you are helping to improve the resale potential in the future, and improving the functionality of a space that you are using regularly. Talk with the masonry team about what different materials will be best for a bathroom space, and what is the easiest to clean and maintain.

Contact a local masonry contractor to learn more.