Are you considering stamped concrete as a way to change up the look around your business but do not know much about it other than how it looks? You'll definitely want to know the following things about stamped concrete before you move forward.

What Exactly Is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is a decorative form of concrete that is designed to replicate the look of using bricks, stones, or some other natural material. The look is created by taking a very large panel and placing it on top of the freshly poured concrete. The panel has an imprint that goes into the concrete to create the pattern. The concrete cures and then color is spread across the surface to mimic the look of the stone the pattern is replicating.

Why Not Use Real Stone Instead Of Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is a way to replicate the look of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Not only do you save on the raw materials of natural stone, but you also save on the cost of the labor involved to install it. A very large stamped concrete sidewalk or patio can be installed in a single day, rather than over the course of multiple days. This means that you'll have minimum downtime at your business while the stamped concrete is being installed.

Are There Drawbacks To Stamped Concrete?

One concern when installing stamped concrete is the price since it will cost more than regular concrete. The concrete must also be sealed regularly to prevent the surface from cracking since cracks can ruin the look of the stamped natural stone pattern. It is also possible for the color applied to the surface to fade over time. 

How Is Stamped Concrete Repaired? 

A stamped concrete surface can be repaired, but the repair may be noticeable. It will involve filling cracks in the surface with a patching compound, smoothing it out, and blending the compound in with the surrounding material. It may even be necessary to re-stamp a large area that is damaged.

What Kind Of Designed Can Be Stamped Into The Surface?

The options for stamped concrete designs are limited to the stamps that the concrete stamp manufacturers have created. Your local concrete contractor will likely have many popular patterns on hand, but anything else will need to be ordered and delivered. Make sure to ask about what the price would be for a stamped concrete pattern if your contractor needs to order it.

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