A safe commercial property requires routine maintenance. Sometimes more emphasis is placed on maintenance such as roofing, electrical, and plumbing. The foundations of commercial properties may get neglected. This can lead to a need for commercial foundation repair. These repairs can be complex if they are not discovered and repaired in a timely manner.

It is critical for property owners to understand that the foundations of their buildings maintain the entire structure. Its importance is equivocal to the importance of a roof protecting the interior of buildings. The following points highlight a few signs that commercial foundation repair is needed. 

Frequent Plumbing Issues

If a plumbing issue occurs beneath a commercial foundation, it is likely that it will impact the foundation. Issues such as burst pipes can cause the soil to become unstable. Soil conditions are a major contributor to foundation issues. Sometimes a foundation may shift and cause damage to the plumbing. Since either can affect the other, it is a wise idea to include commercial foundation repair contractors when serious plumbing issues have occurred beneath foundations.

Changes in the Foundation Position

An intact foundation sits upright. If the soil shifts, property owners may notice that their foundations appear to have changed position. Lowered foundations have settled into the soil. Raised foundations are referred to as upheavals. Sometimes one side of a building may appear to be lower in the soil than the other. This can make it appear lopsided, which is a serious sign of a need to consult with commercial foundation repair contractors.


Most individuals have heard of cracked foundations. However, they might not realize that foundations that are in need of repair may also cause interior cracks. Buildings that have fireplaces might experience cracks in the chimneys if there is a foundation issue present. The exterior and interior walls may also have cracks. 

Flooring Issues

A damaged foundation can negatively affect flooring. Property owners are likely to notice changes such as uneven flooring. Wood is likely to warp. Tile and other types of flooring such as linoleum may crack when a foundation needs repairs. 

Fortunately, there are ways to repair foundations that have advanced damage. The approach to the repair will depend on the nature of the damage. Slabjacking, concrete stacked pilings, polyurethane foam jacking, steel, concrete, or helical piers are a few things that commercial foundation repair contractors can use to restabilize foundations. Unstable foundations can put a building at an increased risk of collapsing, which can lead to property damage, injuries, or death.