Whether you are integrating a new deck on your home or looking into the options available to do a replacement project, the idea of vinyl decking will likely come up. While vinyl deck materials are some of the most highly recommended among all the materials that can be used to create a deck, there are a lot of myths associated. Take a look at just a few of the most ongoing myths about vinyl decking that should be eliminated before making a decision.

Myth: Vinyl decking doesn't last as long as wood decking. 

Vinyl decking has the potential to last for decades with the proper installation and care. While vinyl can't necessarily be refinished like wood, it can last throughout the years without needing to be refinished because the integrated finish stands up well to element exposure. 

Myth: Vinyl decking is not a good option if you have pets. 

Vinyl decking is not scratched easily, which actually makes it a better fit if you have pets. One of the issues with some forms of composite decking is that scratches can show up so easily. Therefore, if you have a dog or cat with long nails, they could easily leave ugly scars on the material. This is not the case with vinyl decking. 

Myth: Vinyl decking is a lot more expensive to have installed by professionals.

Vinyl decking is actually easier to install than most types of wood decking. The boards often come pre-drilled so it is easy to attach hardware where it is needed. You would be hard-pressed to find a contractor that did not know how to install vinyl decking or even prefer to work with the materials. Likewise, the costs of installation, where paying for the labor is concerned, should be no different than the installation of any other decking materials. 

Myth: Vinyl decking is bad about changing colors due to sun exposure. 

One of the specific draws of vinyl decking is the fact that it can be found in a myriad of color options. However, there is a prevailing myth that the colors of the decking will fade due to sun exposure. The myth stems from some of the older forms of vinyl decking that did sometimes have issues with fading. The more modern forms of decking boards made of vinyl are treated with UV-resistant finishes that can really stand through the tests of time without losing their vibrancy. 

Now that you know the truth, reach out to a professional who works with vinyl decking for more information.