Remodeling the master bathroom is a home renovation project that many homeowners are excited about. However, a full bathroom remodel is not inexpensive, so it is important to carefully consider the design and materials during the planning stage before the project begins to help ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new bathroom after the remodel is completed. One big trend in bathroom remodels in this day and age is removing the bathtub. Some of the top reasons why it makes sense to get rid of the tub in your master bathroom include the following:

Create a More Spacious Bathroom

Many people take a shower on a daily basis, but few people take baths on a regular basis. Thus, in many cases, a bathtub is rarely used, but it can take up quite a bit of room in a bathroom. If you want to ensure that your remodeled master bathroom feels open and spacious, taking out the bathtub is a good idea. When remodeling a master bathroom and having the bathtub removed, most homeowners opt to have a large walk-in shower installed instead. An expansive walk-in shower will be used much more than a bathtub in most households.

Enjoy the Shower of Your Dreams

Removing a bathtub from the master bathroom means that there is plenty of space for a big, beautiful walk-in shower. When you have room for a large shower, you can design the perfect shower for your needs. Many people opt for multiple shower heads in order to enhance the showering experience. You can also have one or more benches installed in a walk-in shower, which can be used if you want to sit down and relax. Another perk of a large walk-in shower is the fact that it can include a lot of storage — you can opt to have shelves or niches included so there is room for your shampoo, conditioner, and everything else that you use while taking a shower.

Walk-In Showers Are Easier to Access

Getting in and out of a bathtub can be difficult, especially for older people, disabled people, or those who have bad knees. Getting rid of your bathtub and opting for a larger walk-in shower is wise for anyone who is thinking about ease of accessibility. It is very simple to get into a walk-in shower and easy to exit the shower after bathing. Most people will not miss their bathtub after a bathroom remodel, and they will appreciate the fact that their new shower is easy to access.