If you have recently bought a home and are planning out your spring property improvements, you might be thinking about installing an outdoor fire pit in your backyard. Fire pits make a great attraction for spring and summer evening gatherings, and they can be a great conversation piece as well. However, before you build or buy a fire pit for your yard, there are a few things that you need to think about.

1. Local Ordinances

The biggest priority for you before installing any kind of fire pit should be familiarizing yourself with the local regulations and ordinances. Most jurisdictions allow for the use of a fire pit, but they often have restrictions associated with the type of construction, fuel used, and the placement of the pit.

Find out how far from the property's structures your pit must be placed. Ensure that the installation location you choose is far enough from any structure on your property to be within compliance with your local regulations.

You should also be sure that you know if there are any requirements associated with the materials your fire pit can be constructed from. In some cases, you may be required to have a certain thickness of brick lining, or stone, to create a fire barrier around the pit.

2. Type of Fuel

The next thing you need to think about is what type of fuel you're planning to burn. You'll need to decide if you want your fire pit to be fueled by wood or natural gas. Wood is more traditional, but natural gas will allow for a nearly smoke-free burning experience.

If you prefer the experience that comes from the smell of wood smoke, just make sure that you have a system in place to keep wood dry, chopped, and prepared for when you want a fire. For natural gas fire pits, you'll have to work with your fire pit installation contractor to ensure that there are supply lines properly run and safely secured for the pit.

3. Style

Once you've established how to keep your fire pit within your local ordinance requirements and you know what type of fuel you want to burn, you'll have to choose the style that's the best fit for your future plans.

If your fire pit is intended for family gatherings, cooking, and the sort, you'll want a fire pit designed for perimeter seating and safety when cooking around it. You may also want to choose a design with a safety cover that you can use to place pans on while also controlling loose ash.

Talk with a local fire pit installer today for more help and information.