Safety and cleanliness are two elements that you probably want your children's bathroom to possess. If you have decided to remodel your children's bathroom, choose some components that are functional and that will make bathroom monitoring less taxing than what you currently withstand.

A Trough Basin And Stools

If your children share a standard-sized sink that contains a faucet and knob assembly that is not within reach, replacing it with a trough basin and stool set will support self-sufficiency. A trough basin that is long and angular can be set inside of a vanity. Due to the extended length of this type of basin, more than one faucet can fit inside of it. Your contractor can help you choose a faucet design that is kid-friendly and resourceful.

Handles that only require a slight tap or twist to turn the faucets on will not frustrate children who are attempting to wash their hands themselves. An energy-efficient sink assembly is one that is designed to cut back on water consumption. Your contractor may inquire about the ages of your children and their heights. This will help them pinpoint how high the vanity should be. A set of step stools that match the vanity cabinet or countertop can be set on the floor space that is directly in front of the trough basin.

Open Shelving And Hooks

If storage space within your children's bathroom is limited or set up in areas that your children have difficulty reaching, ask your contractor if they can remove cabinets and closed shelving. Open shelving that is installed along a low portion of the wall and a series of hooks can be used as alternate storage solutions. A bright-colored mural or colorful wallpaper borders and paint can be used to brighten up the space that surrounds each storage setup.

Designating an area for your children's toiletries, clothing, and other essentials will aid with keeping the space organized. Ask your contractor about some children-inspired organizational aids that will prompt your children to keep their items in the storage spaces that have been assigned for them.

For instance, your contractor may suggest using artwork or a labeling system that contains pictures. These items can be secured along walls, directly over or under each shelf or hook that items will be stored in. The addition of an oversized hamper that is built into the wall or set up inside of a closet will prevent dirty laundry from accumulating on the bathroom floor. 

For more tips on kid-friendly bathroom remodeling in your home, talk to a remodeling contractor today.