Bathroom renovation has changed significantly in recent years. If you haven't done a remodel in a while, it's a good idea to look at some of the biggest changes. You should pay attention to these four notable shifts in bathroom remodeling.


Renovating a bathroom tends to involve removing fixtures. That makes it an excellent time to upgrade the efficiency of the bathroom. A low-flow toilet, for example, can save on water bills. The same idea applies to adding aeration for showerheads and faucets.

You also can frequently use windows and lights to improve efficiency. For example, modern windows often have better insulation values. Similarly, LED lighting systems usually consume a lot less electricity than older incandescent or CFL setups.


The change in materials options has been significant. If you're looking for cost-effective countertop options for a kitchen sink, for example, modern quartz has made projects much easier. Also, style preferences have changed toward the use of things like subway tiles in bathroom renovation efforts. You can find paints that are more moisture- and mold-resistant, too.

Notably, plumbing materials have changed a lot. Flexible pipes have replaced metal and PVC ones in many applications. The flexible models are less prone to corrosion, and they allow you to run lines through tighter spaces.

Glass is another area of major improvement. If you want to create a stylish shower space, bigger panels with few to no metal joints have become very accessible. Block glass has also increased in popularity.


Bathroom remodeling plans have incorporated plenty of practical solutions in recent years. For example, aging-in-place practices have made features like handrails in showers and near toilets more common. Even if you don't have aging or mobility needs, these are often just great features to have.

Modern bathroom renovation work also places a stronger emphasis on storage. If you're remodeling, this is a good time to think about where all the towels, toilet paper rolls, and shampoo bottles will go.


Finally, technology has become much more present in the bathroom. People frequently add audio systems during their remodels so they can listen to music. Likewise, these audio setups can include voice assistants so you can interact with the systems in a speedy and hands-free manner even while washing your hair.

Technology is also influencing the shower experience. Rain-like showerheads are more common, and many people have added jets to the sides of their showers. You also can integrate adjustable colored lights, allowing you to quickly change the mood in the shower.

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