Working with a general contractor (GC) can relieve many burdens during the building process. Even if you've found the best GC in town, though, there are some things you can do to get the most from the arrangement. Anyone who's working with a general building contractor can maximize their returns by doing these four things.

Set the Plans Early

There will likely be some changes as you and the GC move forward with your plans. However, the best thing you can do for any general contractor is to at least set the broad strokes of your plans early in the construction process. Constant modifications make it difficult to stay on time or within budget during a project. Likewise, it can make it hard for a GC and their subcontractors to stage on the same page.

You may have to make some adjustments based on things like materials availability or weather. However, you shouldn't be rethinking things like dimensions and the placement of rooms by the time you've met with a GC. Try to get as much done in the design and engineering phases as possible so the contractors can crush their jobs.

Develop a Budget and Line Up Financing

A general contractor needs to know how much money is available for a project. You should develop a budget and then speak with a GC about what you can fit into it. Build a checklist with things prioritized in order of importance, too. You can use the priority list to make decisions, even if they're as relatively low-stakes as choosing between marble and quartz countertops.

Similarly, you should have all of your financing in place before moving too far with a contract. Talk to someone at your bank about your plans and make sure they can fund your efforts.

Be Available

Handing plans to a GC doesn't mean the customer can just go away. Ideally, the customer needs to be available to answer questions. Even if the project is going swimmingly, a general building contractor may need you to approve adjustments. These might seem small, but anything that deviates from the original contract will put the GC in a tough spot. You can make their life easier by being available to field questions and approve changes as might be necessary.

Learn to Talk Shop

It helps if you understand the difference between square and cubic feet. Know the roles everyone plays, too, such as the basic jobs of the subcontractors. This will make it easier to speak with the general contractor about the state of the project.

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