While you can have a complete kitchen makeover, you can also use a remove-and-reinstall process. Here, you take out your current kitchen and install a new one in the same configuration.

So, you might replace some or all of your cabinets, appliances, splashbacks, and even sinks. However, the new items you install go in exactly the same places. 

When is a remove-and-reinstall renovation a good idea?

1. You Like Your Current Kitchen Layout

The fact that you want a new kitchen doesn't mean that you don't like the way your kitchen currently works. Its layout might suit your needs and preferences.

However, you might not like the style or design of your current kitchen. Your cabinets might be old and worn. You might want to switch up the room to make it look more modern or stylish.

A remove-and-reinstall renovation keeps the layout you like. You simply change some or all of the room's contents to create a better design. So, anything you put in the room will keep the same layout. You simply get the design change or upgrade you want.

2. You Want a Faster Renovation

Full kitchen renovations can take some time. If you rebuild part of the room or extend it, then you have to reconfigure its infrastructure.

For example, you might need to put in new electrics to add more lights or outlets. You might need to knock down walls and put in new ones. You might have to change your plumbing to move a sink or to access an appliance in a new place.

You then have to kit the kitchen out with new appliances and cabinets to fit the space. This all takes time.

If you simply strip out your current kitchen and replace its contents, then you save time. You don't have to do any infrastructural work; you simply slot new items into existing spaces. Your new kitchen will be finished sooner.

3. You Have a Restricted Budget

If you don't have an unlimited budget for your new kitchen, then you might not be able to afford a complete redesign right now. The costs of building work, electrical and plumbing changes, and new cabinets and appliances might be too high.

You save money by taking a remove and reinstall route. Your costs are limited to removal, purchasing, and reinstallation expenses. You can even leave some items, such as large appliances, in place if you can't afford new ones right now.

To find out more about your options, contact kitchen remodeling contractors.